Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ebay Nightmare

I am just absolutely disgusted today!!  I've never had any bad dealings with buying form anyone on ebay and have been doing so for YEARS.......until now.  Anthony has a Super Nintendo, PS2, Gamecube and a Gameboy Advance SP...I stopped buying newer game systems a few years ago.  I have been buying his games on ebay for quite some time.

I bought Anthony 5 Pok√©mon Gameboy Advance games on ebay from an ebay store 'theeverythingauctionhouse' for $60 on December 11th. The store had over 300 ratings from buyers and a 98.5% great ranking and had been running for at least 6 months. These games were his one grand gift..I have him 3 Penguin items but that’s it. Since Dec 11th, the person running the store has run for the hills with everyone’s money!!! I filed a dispute through ebay, but won’t hear anything from them until December 29th. Now Anthony’s Christmas won’t be very merry!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Small Update

This is only a small update and the pics are not up to date.  I haven't posted in so long!!!

Last night was the ASSET Christmas Party.  Santa gave Anthony a Nerf gun double pack.  He was too busy taking them out of the package to look up for a pic.

This little boy following Anthony was his shadow for quite some time.  You can't tell in the pic, but Anthony has both guns in hand and would shoot them at the wall. Next to Anthony is my friend Denise's son Bradley.

Part 4 Finished!!
"Castles in the Air" SAL by Papillon Creations

28 ct Ivory Monoco Linen
DMC, Bead Treasures Glass Beads

I noticed I made a mistake (hard to belive I know lol) the beading on the left side was wrong and the beads were the wrong color on the fountain.

"Pansy Sampler" SAL by Thea Duck

I Love Cross Stitch Hardanger SubGroup
32 ct Linen
DMC, Bead Treasures Glass Beads

I have stitched more than this but maybe I havn't taken a more recent photo.  I have it all stitched and even cut and pulled the threads out.  I promised someone in the group that I'd post one. I will take one tonight and update again.  I am not at the 'waiting stage' as I wait for others to catch up so that the true hardanger part is done correctly!

Monday, September 28, 2009

WIPS updates

"Pansy Sampler" SAL by Thea Duck
32 ct Linen
DMC, Bead Treasures Glass Beads

And another sideways pic....if anyone has any ideas as to how to make my pics right side up, feel free to offer them.

Castles in the Air" SAL by Papillon Creations
28 ct Ivory Monoco Linen
DMC, Bead Treasures Glass Beads

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finish, WIPs

This ornament is for the ILCS Santa in September Exchange.

My friend Rene posting pics of her stocking for her granddaughter reminded me of 2 WIPS that were put away.  Anthony's penguin only needs the back attached.  My snowman has a long way to go!


Pansy Sampler SAL

There was an update to blogger.  Not sure if that has anything to do with my pics loading sideways now.  This is a SAL in the I Love Cross Stitch Hardanger Group.

"Pansy Sampler" by Thea Duck
32 ct Linen
DMC, Bead Tresures Glass Beads

Update on Castles in the Air SAL

Part 4 Complete

"Castles in the Air" SAL by Papillon Creations
28 ct Ivory Monoco Linen
DMC, Bead Treasures Glass Beads 
This is an overall view.  It will only load sideways, so cock your head to the side LOL

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Finish and A WIP

Below is my progress on Rene of ILCS our grand Hardagner original design of a Christmas Tree

"Hardanger Christmas Tree" by Rene la Frog

28 count Celeron Linen

DMC #5 Perle Cotton 368, Hand Dyed Fibers Chesnut, and Dinky Dyes Rasberry Ripple

And dut dut da daaaa we have a stitched finish!!!! I found a no sew cube tutorial by Hannah. I need to gather my supplies...I may have to go buy a backing material..not sure I have suitable in my stash. Hopefully a cube will be posted soon and even look like a cube since it is my first attempt.

"A Christmas Song" Ornament by Full Circle Designs-Lynda Watkins
Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2008
Stitched on 18 count Cream DMC Aidawith DMC Floss


GIVEAWAY Mel from The Daily Mel is celebrating her 8-year/1000th post giveaway.

Picture below is her items! I hope I get "lucky" this time!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

OH NO!!!

I had a bottle of water leak in my bag I carry back/forth to work today!!!!! It was only 3 oz but it sure seems like alot! Luckily Mary had sent my Carrie's Threads in the zipper bag or I would be crying right now!!! They are dry and fine...wish I could say the same for the JCS 2008 Christmas Ornaments Issue. I don't think it is going to dry and be usable the pages are just too wet!! I did make a working copy of the cardinal that is still usable. There were alot on 'unimportant' papers in there that soaked up a lot of the water..most of the important ones are ok. I hate that my magazine is ruined!!! At least I can still order it. My fabric the ornament is on is about 1/3 wet but the opposite side from what is stitched. I always but the water bottle in there but NEVER again!!! I am sooo lucky my Carries are ok!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exchange and WIPs

ILCS Carrie's Threads Exchange
From Mary B. in Sycamore, IL
Thank you so much Mary!!

Colors are: Autumn, Antique Gold, Lumiere de Cheryl, Violet, Surprise, Epiphany, Ocean Blue, Polar Bear, Navy Blues, Cherry, Foxfire, and Harvest Brew. I also received this nifty zip up bag to store them in. Now to find something to stitch with them!!!!

"Castles in the Air" SAL by Papillon Creations
28 ct Ivory Monoco Linen
DMC, Bead Tresures Glass Beads
This is the progress on Part 4 about half way done. I have made a little more progress since this pic (I just noticed). I have finished the right side and completed the green on the left.

"A Christmas Song" Ornament by Full Circle Designs-Lynda Watkins
Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments 2008
Stitched on 18 count Cream DMC Aida
with DMC Floss
I just had to start a new project....if we counted I may have the most started. I just do not show everythign I start lol

Clearance Baskets

I found these baskets outside JoAnns in a clearance bin. Buying both would have been over $20, but I snagged them for around $6!!

I have the large one on the shelf under the coffee table holding my fabric and supplies for the Castles in The Air SAL.

The small one is currently on the coffee table holding the 4 remotes to work the various electronics.


I stitched these ornaments last year. I finshed them off like the booklet showed, I'm not sure I am happy with them. The first one was for an ILCS ornament exchange but I don't think it is nice enough to send to anyone. Any suggestions on what could make them more attractive. I feel they look more "homemade" than "handmade".

"101 Ornaments for Christmad" by Leisure Arts
Stitched on 14 count White Perforated Plastic
with DMC floss, acid free paper and craft ribbon

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


A small tornado touched down in West End Beaumont, TX today. No warning or notice whatsoever!!! I work on the South end. A few people were injured nothing serious. Macy's, Channel 4 News, Books-A-Million, Kohl's and Walmart all received damage. The most damage was done in the packed Walmart parking lot where cars were overturned, some on top of others.

One woman was in her car (not sure which parking lot) and the car was lifted into the air and spun around several times!!!!

People wer in their vehicles and other vehicles landed on top of theirs.

Many cars were not drivable and taken away by wreckers.

Tornados are not comon here except in conjunction with hurricanes. Hurricane Ike had several tornados along with it.

Here is a link to photos of the storm and parking lots on the news site:

Monday, July 27, 2009


There is a Great Giveaway here!

grand prize to one winner!
added to the grand prize when we hit 300 comments!
will be added as a bonus prize only if the “Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge Logo” is posted on the winners blog's side bar. Note: you are NOT required to play in the challenges…this is a non Midnight Madness GIVE AWAY

Go ahead, sign up NOW!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Gifts, WIPs and a Finish

I bought this Biscornu kit with a gift certificate from Kim in the ILCS B-day Club.

This is what I've stitched so far. It is quite hard! The blackberries are made by grouping several beads together.

WIP Hardanger Project for the ILCS Hardanger Club this is Lesson 1 & 2.

I've had this leaflet entitled Heart of My Heart. I've had this leaflet since 1997 and never finished anything out of it because I needed several Kreinik Blending Filaments and Mill Hill beads in order to stitch anything in it.

With Gift Certificates from Vicki and Linda in the ILCS Birthday Club I was able to get the blending filaments and beads I needed!!

I finished "Victorian Heart" from the above leaflet.

Here is a pic after I cut it out.

This is a WIP entitled Forget Me Not Heart also from the above leaflet. It is going to barealy fit on the canvas as I moved too far over to start with. OOPS!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Papillon Creations SAL--WIP 2

Part 3 of the Papillon Creations SAL is now complete. If you click on the pics you should be able to see the detail and beading more clearly.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Papillon Creations SAL--WIP

I am stitching a Stitch A Long from Papillon Creations that is for 2 years entitles Castles in the Air! I have been having so much fun stitching this and learning all sorts of speciality stitches!!

Items that I choose for my version of the SAL:
Fabric 28 ct Ivory Monoco Linen
Dark Green: DMC 367
Medium Green: DMC 368
Pale green: DMC 369
Floral colour1: DMC 604
Floral colour 2: DMC 150
Floral colour 3: DMC 309
Floral colour 4: DMC 154
Floral colour 5: DMC 155
Floral colour 6: DMC 341
Floral colour 7: DMC 725
Floral colour 8: DMC 727
Metallic thread: DMC Precious Metal Effects E168 (5283) Silver
Bead 1: Bead Treasures Glass Ceylon Seed Beads-Lavender
Bead 2: Bead Treasures Glass Ceylon Seed Beads-Lt Blue

Here is a pic of Part 1 with the beads added. I took them off because I did not like the way they were stitched every which way.

Here is a pic of Part 2. Not exactly straight but you get the idea.

I think I will be able to finish Part 3 tonight. I will upload a pic when it is complete.

Tomorrow I will be getting the sewing machine out and trying to finish Anthony's pj pants....hard task for me LOL

My Birthday

My birthday was June 10th. I hit the jackpot this year when I joined the I Love Cross Stitch Birthday Club!! Finally others that know how to buy for a stitcher!!

This afghan was crochet by my dear friend Amanda, who is like a mother to me. I will cherish it always!!! She also bought the Paula vaughn book and already had it so I inherited it as well :)

I have been rak'd by Deborah. She is such a dear to think of me. She gave me the Just Cross Stitch Christmas Ornament Preview magazine and a small tea time kit.

Rhonda gave me Cupcakes! Glorious Cupcakes. It was on my wishlist and I can't wait to have time to stitch one!!

Debbie Jo gave me a card she made what was full of good wishes, Bobbie G's Design 'Mom's Shed' and a 14 ct ivory aida.

Debra gave me a crown card--so me :), Country Cottage Needleworks "Pretty In Pink, DMC flosses 3347/963/3716/961/3348, and John James 26 needles.

Ethel gave me a Bucilla kit 'Gardening Duo', DMC Light Effects, Hand dyed Fibers Chestnut/Quern Stones/Liquid Gold, Thread Worx 01005/01128

Kelly gave me Cross My Heart 'Victorian Bellpull', Weeks Dye Works Blue Spruce and Bordeaux and Crescent Colors Cerise. I love Cross My Heart I have another leaflet that I realize I've never made anything out of..I never knew where to find the specialty things needed--do now thanx to all my online friends who enable!!!

Nancy gave me Carries Creations Sage Grass, Dinky Dyes Argyle Cloudy Sky/Dungenong/Cabernet/Raspberry Ripple, and John James 26 needles. I love all the colors! I have tried the needles and wonder how I ever stitch with larger needles. I think I am addicted!!

Shelley gave me a handmade card and floss tag that are the prettiest!!!, photo album, fabric quarter, Victorian Pearls 2 'Sew to Be Seen', Weeks Dye Works Artichoke and Raspberry

Meari gave me a Victorian Rose Sampler, John James 26 needles, DMC Floss Number Stickers, Mill Hill Needle Threader with Cutter, Humor is a Virtue Ornament flier. Hopefully I will learn hardanger easily so I can stitch this ;) I am starting a hardanger class taught be Rene of ILCS on July 1st.

Kim gave me a 123 Stitch Gift Certificate. I still have 2 more gifts to arrive and then I will decide what to get with the certificate.

I just learned how to have a name be a link!!! Yea for me :)