Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ebay Nightmare

I am just absolutely disgusted today!!  I've never had any bad dealings with buying form anyone on ebay and have been doing so for YEARS.......until now.  Anthony has a Super Nintendo, PS2, Gamecube and a Gameboy Advance SP...I stopped buying newer game systems a few years ago.  I have been buying his games on ebay for quite some time.

I bought Anthony 5 Pokémon Gameboy Advance games on ebay from an ebay store 'theeverythingauctionhouse' for $60 on December 11th. The store had over 300 ratings from buyers and a 98.5% great ranking and had been running for at least 6 months. These games were his one grand gift..I have him 3 Penguin items but that’s it. Since Dec 11th, the person running the store has run for the hills with everyone’s money!!! I filed a dispute through ebay, but won’t hear anything from them until December 29th. Now Anthony’s Christmas won’t be very merry!!!

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Carolyn NC said...

That's so wrong!!! I'm so sorry - hope you can get it all worked out!