Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ebay Nightmare

I am just absolutely disgusted today!!  I've never had any bad dealings with buying form anyone on ebay and have been doing so for YEARS.......until now.  Anthony has a Super Nintendo, PS2, Gamecube and a Gameboy Advance SP...I stopped buying newer game systems a few years ago.  I have been buying his games on ebay for quite some time.

I bought Anthony 5 Pok√©mon Gameboy Advance games on ebay from an ebay store 'theeverythingauctionhouse' for $60 on December 11th. The store had over 300 ratings from buyers and a 98.5% great ranking and had been running for at least 6 months. These games were his one grand gift..I have him 3 Penguin items but that’s it. Since Dec 11th, the person running the store has run for the hills with everyone’s money!!! I filed a dispute through ebay, but won’t hear anything from them until December 29th. Now Anthony’s Christmas won’t be very merry!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Small Update

This is only a small update and the pics are not up to date.  I haven't posted in so long!!!

Last night was the ASSET Christmas Party.  Santa gave Anthony a Nerf gun double pack.  He was too busy taking them out of the package to look up for a pic.

This little boy following Anthony was his shadow for quite some time.  You can't tell in the pic, but Anthony has both guns in hand and would shoot them at the wall. Next to Anthony is my friend Denise's son Bradley.

Part 4 Finished!!
"Castles in the Air" SAL by Papillon Creations

28 ct Ivory Monoco Linen
DMC, Bead Treasures Glass Beads

I noticed I made a mistake (hard to belive I know lol) the beading on the left side was wrong and the beads were the wrong color on the fountain.

"Pansy Sampler" SAL by Thea Duck

I Love Cross Stitch Hardanger SubGroup
32 ct Linen
DMC, Bead Treasures Glass Beads

I have stitched more than this but maybe I havn't taken a more recent photo.  I have it all stitched and even cut and pulled the threads out.  I promised someone in the group that I'd post one. I will take one tonight and update again.  I am not at the 'waiting stage' as I wait for others to catch up so that the true hardanger part is done correctly!