Friday, December 12, 2008

Cross Stitching items, Exchanges and SALs

I in a Stitch A Long (SAL) and I can't recall which group....need to look that up. I was working good on it, but had to put it aside to work on some Christmas presents.

This is the latest picture: Well I can't seem to make the picture go the right way..I've also stitched more not I realize so a new pic needs to be taken.

This is the box of goodies that was sent to my Chatty Stitching Exchagers Adevent Exchange Partner, Joy Wortham in Newnan, GA.

These are my goodies under the tree from Joy Wortham in Newnan, GA in the CSE Advent Exchange. I love the snowflake wrapping paper and look at the cute tin and boxes!!! My gifts have been great too!! I will be posting pics of these soon also.

And here we have the 12 Days of Christmas items in the I Love Cross Stitch Yahoo Group. These items were sent to Val Stocker in Oakhurst, CA. I wanted to send myself to CA along wth the items but the post office wouldn't take me! lol

This is a close up of the Day 12 revealing item that should be opened today!

This is a Thanksgiving Sampler has been filed in the WIP drawer to be finished for next year. This isn't the latest memory card because there are leaves above the Let Us Give Thanks that I've stitched.

I also have been working on a stitched Christmas card that I hope to finish and mail very soon, a few ornaments that are to be given away as gifts so I cna't post these yet, but will.

SNOW DAY Dec 11, 2008

Yes in Southeast Texas we had SNOW!!! Not just a few flurries like in the past..actual snow!
This is the view from my front door.

This is from the street.

Anthony loved the snow!!

This is how much snow was on my car--a good few inches for this far south.

I do believe it was a once in a lifetime experience in Southeast Texas!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

PIF Receivers

Ok I have picked the names but can not recall how to link them in this posting. (input welcome)

The winners are:
Linda in TX

I have not recevied my prize yet so still no pictures.

I will be making your surprises very it's ur turn to post the PIF Offer and fulfill it.