Friday, December 12, 2008

SNOW DAY Dec 11, 2008

Yes in Southeast Texas we had SNOW!!! Not just a few flurries like in the past..actual snow!
This is the view from my front door.

This is from the street.

Anthony loved the snow!!

This is how much snow was on my car--a good few inches for this far south.

I do believe it was a once in a lifetime experience in Southeast Texas!!


Anonymous said...

I so wish we had that in PA we have had very little!

Laura said...

So did that part of the state come to a standstill and declare a snow day?!? LOL

glenda said...

snow is fun, isn't it? i always look forward to it each year :)

j39jones said...

Snow in southern Texas and in New Orleans! What a day for that area!
Did everyone have a great snow day?

Nancy said...

I lived in Tyler in the early 70's, we had a little bit of snow one year. None of the parents would let their kids out to play with me because it was too cold! That was a lot of snow, I hope you enjoyed it.

maegwin4 said...

Tyler huh? Your so lucky. I'm outside of Ft. Worth and we didn't get any snow last year at all. Year before we did and the baby loved it but trying to explain to her why we didn't get any this year is not easy.. She loved making a snowman.