Friday, June 26, 2009

Papillon Creations SAL--WIP

I am stitching a Stitch A Long from Papillon Creations that is for 2 years entitles Castles in the Air! I have been having so much fun stitching this and learning all sorts of speciality stitches!!

Items that I choose for my version of the SAL:
Fabric 28 ct Ivory Monoco Linen
Dark Green: DMC 367
Medium Green: DMC 368
Pale green: DMC 369
Floral colour1: DMC 604
Floral colour 2: DMC 150
Floral colour 3: DMC 309
Floral colour 4: DMC 154
Floral colour 5: DMC 155
Floral colour 6: DMC 341
Floral colour 7: DMC 725
Floral colour 8: DMC 727
Metallic thread: DMC Precious Metal Effects E168 (5283) Silver
Bead 1: Bead Treasures Glass Ceylon Seed Beads-Lavender
Bead 2: Bead Treasures Glass Ceylon Seed Beads-Lt Blue

Here is a pic of Part 1 with the beads added. I took them off because I did not like the way they were stitched every which way.

Here is a pic of Part 2. Not exactly straight but you get the idea.

I think I will be able to finish Part 3 tonight. I will upload a pic when it is complete.

Tomorrow I will be getting the sewing machine out and trying to finish Anthony's pj pants....hard task for me LOL


Kathy said...

Beautiful stitching. The colors on this piece are just gorgeous!

Meari said...

It looks really pretty, Melinda.