Sunday, April 15, 2012

Box Finishing Class

My friend Meari is teaching a Box Finishing Class for the I Love Cross Stitch yahoo group members that want to participate.  I have started my stitched piece and have the box.  I still have to find trim and fabric for the project.  Meari does the most beautiful work!!  Examples of her finished boxes can be seen here.

The piece I chose is "P" is for Princess by the Sweetheart Tree.  I either received this gift as a birthday gift in the ILCS Birthday Club or used some gift certificates I received to purchase it.


Meari said...

This is an awesome design, Melinda. I'm looking forward to seeing it on a box. :)

diamondc said...

Melinda: Beautiful piece, I look forward to following your bloggings.

mab3500 said...

That is a fabulous piece. It is going to look wonderful as a box, I can't wait to see pictures.

Anonymous said...


I'm a new follower.
You have some beautiful stitching.
I love the design you chose for your box top. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
Happy stitching!

mab3500 said...

I love reading your blog, I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award.
Follow the link to learn all about it